Boost Online Conversions with this One Simple Trick

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

It is a known fact that using images is an ideal way of consumers to get to know your product better. However, recently, more websites are now utilizing ‘full-screen’ images called ‘mega-images’. This does not only have visual impact, but also delivers higher conversions rates.

In recent studies, conversion rates (be it newsletter subscriptions or sales), have been positively associated with larger images. The test was run by online optimisation company Optimics for one of their clients, a large electronics retailer in the Czech Republic. The test involved creating a product page with slightly larger product images and creating another product page with even larger product images that show a product description on mouseover. The second variation resulted in a 9% increase in sales (all other factors remained unchanged). Larger product images help consumers easily flow from the ‘interest’ phase, to ‘desire’ and finally ‘action’. This is also one of the primary reasons why having carefully shot product images help your business in boosting online conversions.

Apple’s website, for example, shows off the details and craftsmanship of each of their new products with huge images. One can easily then feel attached to such products and can appreciate the aesthetic aspects without the need to visit the store.

Increasing image size drives up more conversions


Through experience, most clients usually ask for a bigger logo on their website. However the truth is that leading companies worldwide prefer larger images so as to drive up conversions. Although one has to be aware of using ‘mega-images’ on mobile devices (due to slow loading and usage of bandwidth), in this case, bigger is better and can give you a strong boost in online goal conversions.


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