3 Tips to Spice up your Valentine’s Day, Marketing that is!

Friday, January 27th, 2017

It’s Valentine’s day soon, and millions of people worldwide choose this day as an excuse to splurge their cash on their better halves (or themselves). Here are some top tips to help you plan your marketing this Valentines day:

3 Marketing Tips Valentines Day1. One Week Before

Statistically, people plan their purchases for Valentine’s day one week before, with website visits and social media conversations spiking up as much as one and a half times the norm during this time.  Make sure your organisation is on the ball during this time when people are choosing how to celebrate the occasion, including which gifts they will purchase. Perhaps offering deals or showcasing products on your website would be a good idea to prepare as from now.

2. Mobile is King

During this week, conversations on Facebook about Valentines day were seven times more on mobile than on desktop. This goes to show the importance of planning your marketing and advertising campaigns based on mobile. Now is also a good time to create a ‘Call to Action” button on your Facebook page linking to your website. This is where having a mobile friendly site is important. Users should have a seamless experience from Facebook to your website, without having to ‘pinch and zoom’ to view content or click buttons on the screen. Lastly, if your site is not optimised for mobile, and takes longer that 3 seconds to load, statistics show that users leave the website and look elsewhere.

3. Men vs Women

According to recent statistical data by Facebook, men tend to discuss subjects such as “single life” and “anti-Valentine’s Day” during this month. On the other hand, women take the lead in conversations and post more during this period, using key words or phrases like “Romance”, “Gifts”, “Friendships”, “Proposals” and “Date Night”. Target your online advertising wisely and use specific keywords to attract the desired market. Women seem to be more into Valentine’s day overall, and in the UK, a combined estimate of £980 million was spent specifically to celebrate this day. Would you call that buying love?!


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